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Laser Hair Reduction
Get Rid of Hair Loss
Laser hair removal | Pink Lotus

Laser Treatment

Diode Laser Hair Removal with Lumenis Light Sheer Desire (US FDA APPROVED)​

How laser works:

It works by targeting the pigment in unwanted hair, then vaporizing the shaft and root without damaging surrounding tissue. (We often test a spot beforehand to optimize our settings.)

Most patients only experience a little discomfort, similar to getting snapped with a rubber band.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

laser hair removal for face

Facial Hair Removal

We remove unwanted facial hair using latest laser technology and makes your skin smoother

Laser hair removal for Men

Patch Correction

We remove facial patchy hair and give a good shape to beard or mustache

Latest method of laser hair removal | Pink Lotus

Unwanted Hair removal

We remove unwanted hair on your body with laser treatment with no side effects

Dandruff treatment

Solution for Hair Loss

We have the best treatments and solutions for hairloss.

Skin care center Vijayawada | Pink Lotus

Losing confidence with your gradual Hair loss ???

Get a permanent solution

Dr.G.Sandhya Naidu​

Dermatologist & Aesthetic physician.

What patients say About Pink Lotus Skin Clinic

Pavitra Jain


I am so surprised how quick and painless the procedure was!


I love the new look that Pink Lotus has given me… I look rested and this has dramatically improved my self-esteem and how I feel about myself. Thanks to Pink Lotus.

Pavitra Jain

I used to uncontrollably frown, and people always asked me why I seemed so angry… Now they tell me I seem much more friendly!